Platforms or Pipelines? Where is the Value in Scholarly Communications?

The announcement of Plan S has created a shockwave in the discussions about Open Access among funders, publishers, editors, societies and individual researchers. APE 2019 offers a balanced review how this effects the process of science and will discuss solutions.

One thing is for sure: publishers cannot take their role for granted any longer. New platforms are emerging that may replace old workflows, lifting them away from publishers large and small. As well as funders, technology companies and governments starting to control parts of the scholarly communication network, large commercial players are also now operating parts of the pipeline. Is this well-overdue innovation to support the needs of researchers or should we worry about how this emerging infrastructure will endure the passing of time and not become a moment of enthusiasm by a few well-funded organisations?

There are many open questions and nobody really can predict how the world of scholarly communication and scientific publishing will look like in the years to come.
So there is a lot to talk about and we need to share experiences.