Are you curious to discover what is happening for public libraries at EU level? Welcome to a webinar where you will hear from Public Libraries 2030, a European advocacy and project organisation working with a network of ‘Lighthouse Libraries’ across Europe, about recent policy initiatives and opportunities for libraries.

You will learn about advocacy initiatives for public libraries at EU level, the Library Action under EU work plan for culture, as well as relevant EU funding programmes.

The session is organised within the context of the “Resourcing Libraries: Connecting libraries to EU resources” (RL:EU) project, which aims to help Europe’s public libraries unlock EU resources to support their adult education programmes and strategies. This project brings together Public Libraries 2030, EBLIDA, and PiNA to develop an approach that helps public libraries and librarians learn about EU initiatives and programs and access EU funding.


To registar to the webbinar fill in your name (”nimi”) and e-mail (”sähköpostiosoite”) and register by pushing the green button ”Lähetä” (”send”).

Register to the webbinar here.