Welcome to the TEDxKTH Salon where researchers will discuss the use of AI in diverse disciplines.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives, and there is a great deal of curiosity about its applications in various fields. How groundbreaking is AI, and how is it being used in different research areas?


  • Francesca Larosa, KTH
  • Arnold N. Pears, KTH
  • Haluk Akay, KTH
  • Mario Romero Vega, KTH
  • Rebecca Stower, KTH
  • Olof Mogren, RISE
  • Gabriel Skantze, KTH

TEDxKTH Salon is organized by KTH Library in collaboration with KTH AI Society.

Se the live stream on Youtube. 

About TEDxKTH Salon

TEDxKTH Salon is a recurring highlight at KTH, where new exciting themes and dynamic speakers take center stage on each occasion. We embrace the TEDx motto: ’Ideas worth spreading.’ And the best part is – TEDx is open to everyone! Join the discussion and become a part of an inspiring future.