Welcome to Reshape 2019, hosted by Oodi for the first time! Come and experience the conference and library that will reshape your life – forever!

This year’s theme is Reshaping Lives and Libraries. It will examine our changing work culture and how digital innovations are affecting how we work.

Registration is now open and first speakers are announced:

– Tomi Tuomainen and Antti Liukkonen (FIN): Evolutionary Stages of Siili: Enabling Autonomy and Self-Management
– Linda Liukas (FIN): How to be a human in the age of technology?
– Alex Clifton (UK): Storyhouse: free speech and a good night out
– FailCamp workshop (UK): Striving towards success through failures
– Olli Ohls and Sanna Huttunen (FIN): Helsinki City Library and Futurice joint project on robotics
– Laura Norris (FIN): Oodi – The new way of working
In addition . . .
– A behind-the-scences tour of Oodi
– Hands-on activities at Oodi
– International Opening: cocktail party

Foto: Tuomas-Uusheimo