Workshoppen handlar om IFLA:s arbete inom WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) och vilken roll bibliotek kan ha i detta arbete på regional och nationell nivå.

The objective of this workshop is to understand IFLA’s work within the World Intellectual Property Organization and how library professionals can engage as advocates at national and regional levels to advance an national, regional and international agenda.

We will take this opportunity to talk about the functioning of WIPO, stakeholders and their roles, ongoing discussions in the Standing Committee on Copyright and related rights (SCCR), member states in Europe and North America and advocacy issues that IFLA and its partners are working on.

In this context, we think you might be interested in our workshop.

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  • We are asking participants in this workshop to identify, in their own contexts, the following information:
  • Which ministry or agency is responsible for your country’s position at WIPO SCCR?
  • Is there a committee in your parliament responsible for copyright issues?
  • What exceptions do you currently have to copyright in your country for libraries – preservation? Research? Education? Document delivery? Are these limited to physical uses? Do you ever have problems with your copyright law? You may want to use the study by Professor Kenneth Crews as a starting point