Stephen Wyber är chef för policy och påverkan på IFLA och under Biblioteksdagarna 2023 kommer han att utforska vad arbetet för en mer användarvänlig upphovsrätt kan innebära och varför biblioteken inte ska vara rädda för att engagera sig i frågan.

Under programpunkten ”Lämna det inte till proffsen! Arbetet för en mer användarvänlig upphovsrätt är en lagsport” kommer Wyber att prata om att upphovsrätt ofta hamnar i “för svårt”-högen när bibliotekarier ska samlas kring en fråga att driva. Men att få rätt lagar på plats om tillgång till, att dela och använda information är lika viktigt som inköpsbudgetarna. Föredraget kommer att hållas på engelska.

I’m looking forward to Biblioteksdagarna! Sweden is such a great source of new ideas and good practices. We use examples from Sweden so often in our advocacy for libraires globally, so it’s great finally to be coming to a conference to hear more, says Wyber.

You are going to explore what copyright advocacy can involve, can you please explain it briefly?
– It’s going to be as much about what it doesn’t involve as what it does. I want to talk a bit about the stories that we tell ourselves about copyright, which are often more Grimm than Disney, and why these either simply aren’t true, or at least don’t need to be a reason to have nightmares.

You are also going to talk about why libraries should get involved, why is that important?
– Copyright advocacy is one side of the same coin as advocacy for funding. The latter is about making sure we have the money to build collections. The former is about making sure we have the legal possibilities to do things with them. We can’t have one without the other, at least not if we believe in the value of the services we offer, and don’t have infinite budgets. More positively, libraries have an amazing experience to contribute, an amazing network to mobilise, and an amazing legitimacy when talking to decision-makers.

Why should we come and listen to you?
– I’ll try to include jokes and dog photos! More seriously, I’d like you to come so that I can hear from you, and understand better what we can do together to shape laws that place the importance of access to information at the heart.

What is the most important thing you want the participants to take away after listening to you?
– It’s more what I want them to leave behind – their fear and anxiety about engaging in copyright advocacy!

Anmäl dig till Biblioteksdagarna

Foto: ‘IFLA’ (CC-BY).