Holli Sargeant, postgraduate at University of Cambridge, will be participating in Biblioteksdagarna 2022. At the seminar ”Algoritmer som diskriminerar” she will be discussing the juridical and the ethical dimensions regarding artificial intelligence.

– I am looking forward to Biblioteksdagarna! It will be a wonderful opportunity to network and exchange ideas about new and exciting ideas!

Why should people participate in your seminar?

– Hopefully this seminar will help explain some of the important risks that artificial intelligence presents and how to spot where things may go wrong.

What is the most important thing that you want the participants to take with them from the seminar?

– Algorithms are designed by people and so we have the opportunity and responsibility to design them to suit our society.

Why is it important to talk about the problems with algorithms?

– It is exciting! This is an evolving area which changes all the time. The more we talk about the risks, the better we can try to avoid them.