Swedish Library Association

The Swedish Library Association is a non-profit and politically independent association with institutions, organisations and individual members. Our aim is to promote libraries of the highest quality. We work on our members’ behalf to increase awareness of libraries’ tasks and functions and to strengthen libraries’ conditions and opportunities.

Kungliga biblioteket

What we do

We act as a hub for people who are committed to, and interested in, explaining, developing and acting on behalf of libraries. Our members are leading experts in the library field and we support their professional development through grants, international exchange opportunities, Sweden’s industry-leading Library Days and through our magazine.

An international movement

We are part of an international movement. The aim of our international activities is to promote sustainability and the creation of durable structures for library development. For this reason, the Swedish Library Association has chosen, as its main strategy, to channel its international activities through cooperation with the Nordic countries, the European organisations (EBLIDA and LIBER), and its membership in the IFLA. We focus our resources and commitment to long-term cooperation and projects instead of distributing its resources among different, more short-term efforts. International activities and cooperation with other countries are characterised by mutual learning.

Karin Boye


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