Under Biblioteksdagarna, 22–23 maj i Skellefteå, kommer Victoria Todorova och Isabel Chender, processledare på Hyper Island, att hålla i en workshop om kreativ programverksamhet.

Workshoppen, som hålls på engelska, är ett valbart spår som arrangeras under konferensens första dag.

– We are curious and excited to be a part of Biblioteksdagarna this year.

Can you tell us something more about what the workshop will contain?
– The participants can expect working in teams, creative energy, collaborative tools, new mental models and real world solutions to the projects that matter to them.

Why should you attend the workshop? 
– Our intention is to build capacity to design meaningful and impactful programs. Furthermore, we will create a space where participants feel safe to explore new leadership frameworks.

What do you hope the attendees will receive from attending the workshop?
– Participants will leave feeling energised and inspired with readiness to begin leading change where they are in their communities. They will be equipped with tools from our Hyper Island process design toolbox. Each participant will gather their own insights through personal reflection.

What is your relationship to libraries?
– Isabel’s career alter ego once aspired to be a librarian, and she once led an education program in a former library. Hyper Island hasn’t formally collaborated with libraries before, that’s why this opportunity is an exciting entry in to a new sector.

The theme of the conference this year is ”creativity”. What does creativity mean to you?
– While we cannot provide an exact definition, for us it is about forgetting the rules and instead allowing yourself the freedom to explore limitless possibilities.

Anmäl dig till Biblioteksdagarna